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Limited Editions by Darlene




Bouxbart™ (boob-art, boo-bart) is my Trademark for my painting style that is literally "impressionistic" painting inspired by beautiful things in nature and me missing my husband who was working abroad. The layering of colors in the objects are truly magnificent and the different techniques intriguing. Let your mind wonder at how "titillating" these paintings are. After a year of painting for my husband, my mother had a mastectomy and then I a partial mastectomy. So my paintings are literally close to my heart. Each painting is an original with the boob work done in non-toxic Acrylic.

Who is Tuttidee? That's me. That's what my dad called me so to honor him as well as my mother through my paintings, I sign all my paintings with: Bouxbart by Tuttidee

Bouxbart watermark is not on actual paintings.

All monies go directly to Breast Cancer Research:

Shipping charges are extra and vary according to canvas size and shipping location.

Bouxbart Trademark watermark is not on actual paintings. To purchase paintings contact [email protected]

Texas Proud

We are proud of our heritage in Texas. This painting has a color wash background in green and blue. The flowers are impressed with blues and white. The leaves are impressed with 2-3 hues of green. The stems are hand painted. $800 Suggested Donation

Orange Poppy Field

The Orange Poppy symbolizes health and regeneration. This paining is done in two Bouxbart™ techniques, smear and impression. The stems are done with a paint brush. This painting is SOLD

Weekend Drive

A combination of Bouxbart™ techniques covers this canvas view of the North Texas hills and sky. Are you abreast of the rolling hills in North Texas? Take a drive on the back roads. This painting is 24” x 30”

Green Lily Pond

More subtle but still bold in the the lily colors, this painting has two Bouxbart™ techniques and is full of motion and peace. This painting is 36" x 48"


The ancient Greeks believed that there were four elements that everything was made up of: earth, water, air, and fire. This theory was suggested around 450 BC, and it was later supported by Aristotle. This painting is 24” x 30”


Aren’t they? I just love bold colors and these Beauties just make me happy. Nipping atop the color washed background are two Bouxbart™ techniques. Stems done with a paintbrush. This painting is 36” x 36” Suggested donation $800.

A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park The background is painted with a watercolor wash. The stems are, of course, done with a “real” paint brush. The flowers and leaves are all done with Bouxbart™ impression techniques in multiple layers. This painting is 30” x 40” Suggested donation $500

Heirloom Gloriosa Daisy 18 x 24

$100 Suggested Donation  SOLD

Texas Sunset 16 x 20

$100 Suggested Donation  SOLD

Poppy Passion 24' x 30"

$200 Suggested Donation

Hanging Wisteria 16" x 20"

$100 Suggested Donation  SOLD

Spring Blossoms 16" x 20"

$100 Suggested Donation   SOLD

Yellow Flowering Prickly Pear 20" x 16"

$100 Suggested Donation   SOLD

Red Passion 16" x 20"

$100 Suggested Donation

Morning Song 16"x20"

$100 Suggested Donation    SOLD

Lilies on the Green 36" x 48"

$500 Suggested Donation

Blue Spray 30' x 40"


Texas Prickly Pear 16x20

$150 Suggested Donation 

Blue Water Lily Revival 18x24

$150 Suggested Donation 

A Prickly Pair 16x20 each

$200 Suggested Donation

Springtime Winds 18x24

$150 Suggested Donation    SOLD

Palette of Poppies 18x24

$150 Suggested Donation    SOLD

Fall Trees 2 - 16" x 20"

$100 Suggested Donation    SOLD

Zinnia 24" x 18"

$150 Suggested Donation

Lily Pad on Black 18x24

$150 Suggested Donation 

Falling Abreast 12x24

$100 Suggested Donation    SOLD

Magnolia 16 x 20

$150 Suggested Donation    SOLD

Tulip Double Time. Come as a pair. each is 18x24

Suggested Donation is $400    SOLD

Right side of Tulip Double Time    SOLD

Boob-onnets  18 x 24

$150 Suggested Donation    SOLD

Cotton Field      SOLD


12 x 16 Flower Field


5" x 5" each $20 each Orange Blossom Special ALL SOLD

8 x 10 Captured SOLD


Lily Variegated     SOLD

16 x 20




Lilies on Watercolor paper $50

Pinks on watercolor paper $50

The Girl's Orchids on watercolor paper $50

Tulips 6"x8" on watercolor paper $20 

Pink Poppies on watercolor paper $20

A Joy to Behold on watercolor paper SOLD

Set of 4 Bouxbart™ Notecards $20